About Us

Founded in 2006 by alumni of multiple Big 4 Federal consulting organizations, 11th Hour Service has rapidly become an industry leader providing resource solutions in the Public Sector. 11th Hour Service’s mission is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients and consultants by providing the highest quality service with the most competitive momentum.

Value and Benefits to our Clients

The value of 11th Hour Service is our demonstrated success in delivering qualified professionals quickly, which is affirmed by our clients recognizing 11th Hour as their preferred provider. The success of 11th Hour Service is based on our people and their commitment to quickly identify and present the best talent to our clients. Our clients benefit from 11th Hour Services.

  • Qualified Professionals – The professionals we present to our clients are interviewed in-depth by our team of recruiting consultants and vetted by our account managers. To identify these professionals, our team uses the latest recruiting tools available, accesses our proprietary database, and utilizes extensive social media networks. Our clients know that we produce qualified consultants who deliver exceptional results!
  • Response Time – 11th Hour has a track record of producing quality candidates quickly. To ensure speed of delivery, our team, including the leadership team, communicates daily to discuss the most urgent client needs, the status of all engagements, any client updates, training topics, and new assignments. Our clients are amazed how quickly we mobilize the talent they need to achieve their objectives!
  • Experience – With decades of experience, our team is led by a CPA and active owners who have years of experience in professional services, Big 4, consulting and staffing organizations plus a team of account managers and local and national recruiters that are trained in the latest sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing techniques. Our clients benefit from decades of experience finding, identifying, and presenting qualified professionals!
  • Values – As military veterans, our leadership team understands the importance of duty, honor, and service. As veterans of the professional services industry, we also understand the importance of client relationships, employee satisfaction, reputation and the commitment to service excellence. Our clients appreciate our values!